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Who We Are

Rex Performance Products is a premier manufacturer of polyethylene foam that employs industry professionals supported by top-notch customer service representatives.  We are in the business of creating lasting partnerships, producing quality foam, and are dedicated to understanding the individual business requirements of our customers to deliver value-added solutions. RPP is an organization built upon quality, competitive pricing, and quick-to-market concepts.  Our diverse team offers over 100 years of combined experience in extruding, marketing, and selling foams throughout North America. We are an industry leader in the production of Polyethylene (PE) foam.

Growth and Expansion

Thanks to our awesome customers, RPP has quadrupled our sales since 2012, and 2016 was our BIGGEST YEAR YET!  Due to substantial investments in Extrusion, Lamination, and our ability to reprocess scrap, we’ve more than doubled our capacity to produce PE foam.  We’ve also more than doubled our manufacturing and warehousing space.  As we continue to invest in growth expansion, we look forward to your input on how we can continue our rapid growth and service our customer base.  What products or services would you like to see at RPP?

Quick Delivery on Specialty Items


Newer Products

Did you know that Rex Performance Products offers 2 standard width options as well as custom lengths on plank products? Maximize your yield by choosing either 48” or 55” width plank on 170 NTL and 170 BLK ECO. Optimized plank yield = less scrap = more $$$$

Military Grade PE. Certified to meet A-A-59136 CID with less than 10% LEL. Natural and Black.

Laminated Plank

With an exceptional high strength-to-weight ratio, our laminated plank is highly flexible and easily fabricated. Light, Medium, Heavy, and High Density laminated plank available in a variety of colors. ECO foam provides an economical solution for product protection by utilizing at least 60% recycled resin.


Enhanced thermal-insulated foam partners performance characteristics of traditional 1.7LB (RFoam2) or 2.2LB (RFoam3) density laminated plank with the addition of an increased R value. A cost-effective method of partnering shock resistance with thermal insulation. Common applications include cold chain storage and medical applications.

FR and MDL

Fire-retardant laminated plank and roll stock certified to ASTM E84, Class 1 or A. Multi-Density Plank (MDL) is excellent for case goods, pallet-lining applications and hinge foam. Specialty foams are non-abrasive, anti-corrosive and suitable for multiple applications.

Thin Foam & Special Density Roll Stock

Low-density, non-abrasive polyethylene material suitable for multiple surface protection and cushioning applications. Special density roll stock available in multiple densities and colors for applications requiring increased protection.

RPP180 (1” Extruded Foam)

A solid-extruded foam that delivers enhanced performance characteristics. RPP180 is a high-performance product, excellent for repeated impact applications. A solid 1” foam providing fabricators the option of increased performance with less foam. An ideal option for protective-packaging applications requiring small packs.



We produce a wide selection of PE Foam products including Laminated Plank, Thin Foam, Special Density Roll Stock, and Specialty Foams.



Our two facilities with over 150,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced staff, allow us to offer value-added solutions for your PE foam applications.


About Us

Backed by first-class customer service and flexible design services, we provide dynamic solutions and cost savings that will exceed your expectations.


We Recycle Customer Scrap

Part of our commitment to our customers and the environment is our Customer Scrap Program, designed to save customers money by avoiding landfill expenses. Coupled with an internal closed-loop recycle program, Rex Performance Products helps minimize environmental waste.